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2 Bodybuilders Share Their Anadrol Cycle Review – Was It Worth It ?

Anadrol is One Of The Most Popular Anabolics Of All Time – Find Out If This Performance Enhancing Product Is Worth It For You

We plunged head first into anabolic steroids and Anadrol cycle after 9-years of natty bodybuilding and boy, did we enjoy the ride.

Anadrol Steroid Cycles

This was a time when injectable steroids were hard to procure. Orals were the norm and we clearly remember our first attempt with Anadrol.

We had used Dianabol before and had an idea of what to expect. But Anadrol steroid cycle just blew our minds.

Our body was beginning to change right before our eyes and we thought that we were stupid to let hearsay cloud our judgement for so long. Anadrol had a very bad reputation, you see.

Three Weeks In-Things Take A Change

Well, things were hunky dory until the third week. That’s when the headaches began.

The nosebleeds followed soon after and then the appetite just went dead.

Imagine being the biggest that you’ve ever been and feeling like a beast, but being unable to eat even 1000 calories.

We stopped the Anadrol steroid cycles earlier than we expected to.

Since then, we’ve run six Anadrol steroid cycles. Each time, armed with more information than the previous one. And the results have been nothing short of spectacular.

If you have always been intrigued by the A-Bomb, then this blog post will present you with the pros and cons of the compound, that will let you make an informed decision.

Chemical structure

Anadrol is the brand name for Oxymetholone, an anabolic steroid derived from DHT by making two structural modifications to the hormone.

A 2-hydroxymethylene group is attached to the Carbon ring along with a methyl group in the 17th position which makes it a 17C-AA steroid.

It was first released in 1959, when it was widely used for a range of therapeutic conditions including geriatric muscle wasting.

But it gained prominence as a treatment for anemia as it can increase red blood cell production fivefold in a very short span of time.

Indicated in the treatment of anemias caused by deficient red cell 32 production.

Common Names

Oxymetholone was originally marketed under the brand name Anadrol by Syntex. Just about the same time, another company called Parke Davis & Co. started marketing it under the brand name Androyd.

But it’s the Anadrol-50 name that has stuck with the compound.

Since then, there have been a slew of brands mainly coming from Russian manufacturers and UG labs.

A-Bomb, A-50, A-Drol and Anadol are some of the other common names under which the drug is sold these days.

Main uses

Anadrol has gained so much popularity as a bulking compound that some of its other beneficial effects get dusted under the carpet.

Like the controlled aggression and the strength gains.

If this is your first Oxymetholone cycle, then here are some of the effects that you can expect with it.


The strength gains made on an Anadrol cycle, comparable with what you’d expect to make with a Dianabol cycle. They are pretty dramatic. You can expect to add at least 10 lbs. to your lifts within one week. On the track, you will become noticeably stronger and faster. This, when clubbed with the next effect, makes Anadrol a very good compound for anyone looking for dramatic results.


When asked by a newbie on how we feel on Anadrol, we often used to say, ‘Big and Angry’. Unlike the euphoria that Dianabol gives you, Anadrol causes the true roid aggression. In the gym, that translates into unlimited energy for your lifts. For an athlete, that’s the aggression and focus they need to train harder every time. And for dumbwits, its another reason to fly off the handle. Don’t be a dumb wit.

Muscle mass

The most important benefit is the muscle gain. Anadrol is unlike any other DHT-derived anabolic steroid, except Superdrol maybe. It will let you make some quick wet gains. The exact number depends on a lot of factors but something to the tune of 15 lbs. in a cycle would be about right. A part of that will be water and glycogen. But when you shed the water weight, you will be left with bigger muscles. Don’t listen to anyone who says that you will lose everything that you gain on an Anadrol cycle. That only happens with rank newbies who have never lifted. And if that’s the case then you shouldn’t be doing roids in the first place.

Side Effects

This is one of the reasons why Anadrol is not as popular as Dianabol. It is notorious for causing side effects in most users.

But the ones who can use Anadrol without any problems will never use another bulking compound.


Probably the first side effect that will manifest by the second week or so. The headaches can be extremely painful and even debilitating in some people. It is just one of those things that seem to have no plausible explanation though.


Anadrol and bloating almost go hand in hand. The bloating will eventually cause your blood pressure to skyrocket. Dietary modifications can help control it to an extent. But if things get out of hand, then you might have to start blood pressure medications to control it. Extreme high blood pressure on Anadrol can also lead to nosebleeds.

Estrogenic sides

Despite being a DHT derived steroid and one that does not aromatize, Anadrol can cause severe estrogenic side effects. The exact reason behind this is unknown. But some experts believe that it stimulates estrogen receptors without actually converting into estrogen. So, the only drug that will help control the estrogenic sides is Letrozole.
anadrol side effects and best alternatives

Dosage and Stacks

Anadrol is one of the only steroidal compounds that can produce great results even at the lowest possible dose, that’s 50mg/day.

Why, if it’s your virgin Anadrol cycle, we’d recommend that you start even lower.

Many users get nosebleeds even at 75mg/day. So we would tread slow and titrate the dose only if necessary.

Stick to 100mg/day as the upper limit as the dose respondent curve starts to flatten after this.

The ideal cycle would be 4-6 weeks and it is best to use Anadrol as a kick starter with an injectable steroid cycle.

Use Anadrol with Testosterone or with Test and Deca. Enjoy the ride while the slow acting injectable kick in.

Anadrol vs. Dianabol

One of the eternal debates that continues to rage on in the world of performance enhancement.

It’s impossible to come to a conclusive answer to this.

So we will just share our personal opinion.

Dianabol over Anadrol for us. Because it causes fewer sides. Also because it makes us feel good while we are on it.

The mass gained on Dianabol is almost equal to what we gain with Anadrol.

2 Bodybuilders Share Their Anadrol Cycle Review – Was It Worth It ?
Anadrol Cycle Review
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Anadrol Cycle Review
Bodybuilders Discuss Their Steroid Cycles.
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